Friday, July 31, 2009

I love to laugh hahahhaahahah

If you love to laugh. I walked past this girl the other day on my way home who was talking on her cellphone, loudly declaring "I love to laugh hahahhaahahah" etc. It's funny to me when people say stuff like that...there is an episode of Mr. Show that features a character -- a total schmuck -- who uses that expression, and I think it's a really funny way to make fun of some of the stupid shit that people say. I mean, I know like one person who doesn't "love to laugh," and that mostly because his life is shit and he hates everyone. But even he isn't like "Laughing blows."

Anyway, I dunno, I was going to post about how the next Renaissance will come about as more people start driving Segway Human Transports; as more people begin to take SHTs for commuting and city travel, SHT-ing to work and SHT-ing in their spare time, more idiots will start using them. My hypothesis is that as more people start SHTing, there will be more and more hilarious crashes in crowded city streets between out-of-control-SHTs. And the more that people are laughing at crashes, the more people just lighten the fuck up already.

I decided I'm not posting about that. The shit I typed turned out too long. Like Pi long (though definitely more repetitive), so I bailed.